We are Course Nation.

The #1 Community for Online Course creators who want to use marketing authentically and ethically.

We care about making an impact, changing the world AND scaling your business.

We always study the latest trends, we hustle, we work, but we also live a life in balance with our values and priorities.

In this community we care about each other, we are accountable and willing to help. Because we believe a better education system is possible and we are here to create it.



We are actual experts at what we do

We care about our students and their growth

We build a community

We walk our talk

We do marketing that elevates the world


They are fake gurus

They just care about their revenues

They build a list

They overpromise

They do cringy marketing

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It's about marketing while staying true to your values.

It's not about having to do TikTok dances or aggressive sales pitches. Every teacher has their own style and they will find something comfortable, while others are not. And guess what. If you aren't comfortable you'll look fake for your audience and you won't be able to connect with anyone.

We stand for authenticity, elevating your brand and being proud of the message you put out there, rather than being ashamed of that. Once you find that and match it with the best marketing technique, scaling your online courses it's just a direct consequence of that. 


Students Impacted


Courses Sold


Revenues Generated

Our Manifesto

We are experts at what we do.

We do things with love and passion.

We truly care about our impact in the world.

We are committed to change this broken education system.

And nothing will stop us.  


Our Community

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