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If you still think that in order to scale your business through social media you need to gather a million followers… You are doing your marketing strategy wrongly. There is one key factor to guarantee you'll achieve success and sell through social media: by engaging with your audience. In other words, you might have a million followers, but this does not matter unless they engage with you. Nowadays, it is better to have 1000 true fans, than 1 million kind-of followers. True fans will not only support your work through buying what you are producing, but they will also share and interact with your content. And this is what will help you grow your account and scale your business. In this video, Rachel Miller, Organic Traffic Strategist at Moolah Marketing, will talk about a technique she developed to help her increase her engagement rates while diminishing her actual working time, all by creating useful interaction with her fans. Using her previously created content, a simple math formula and live loops, she was able to grow her business for 6 years without having to change anything about her content. Check out the video to understand how she achieved this, so you can too. How to Improve Your Engagement Organically

Transcript of the video

That business is behind me I'm working on right now, I've been able to bring in multiple six figures, every single year after its first year of business, I've been able to do that, with content that I wrote six years ago and have not really touched since then. This is possible because of live looping, what did I do, I created the different elements, and I hit play, and then it played, and then it just played straight for six years. I told you the story about my six kids, guys, there they are. They're awesome. They're amazing. They're crazy. And sometimes we honestly feel like I'm kind of hurting half cat, I want to be the amazing mom. I want to run the amazing business, I want to have the I want to understand the finances of my business, I want to do all of the things, all of the parts of my business, I want to... Okay, think of the cello. The cello is my running the spreadsheets and the finances. The guy with the orange shirt playing the violin, he is the person who's crafting the best social media posts. The girl with the violent. She's the one who's got the amazing fulfillment center, the guy with the blue hat, he's customer service. How many of you guys feel like you're almost this orchestra and you're wearing a different hat for each role. And even if you have employees, it still feels like you're doing all of the things or you're hurting all the cats. What I realized, and thankfully, guys, my kids helped me get there. Because I realized I can't do this, I can't run a business, I can't do all of these things and be a mom, and like have the perfect business all the orchestra parts, I there had to be an easier way And it wasn't herding cats, and it wasn't wandering in the wilderness. What it was, was a system called Live looping. Like I this is not original. This is a musician. Okay. And this musician, I'm gonna play for a second just so you guys can understand how it works. I'm not going to actually like hopefully play much of the song, I don't think you guys will be able to hear it. But let me know if you do like, raise your hands. Give me a thumbs up. So I get feedback letting me know that you're hearing this guy. Okay, um, but basically, he makes a little con. Okay, he makes a little noise. He makes a sound. And then as he's playing that sound, it repeats. And he makes another noise. And it repeats. That's it. It's a formula. Formula A plus M plus C multiplied by E, you get P, audience plus message plus content. Multiply that by engagement, and you're going to get your purpose of your business. That's it. If you have the right audience, you have the right message, you have the right content, and engagement hack tactics and stalking, which I'm going to show you how to do, you're going to have your business up and ready for you. Now, here's what I want all of you to know how many of you guys have been to an event, a session like this a virtual and either, and you listen to it, you get amazing ideas. And they go in one ear and out the other, and you never actually implement them. Not today. So I want all of you to pinkies wherever it be like come on, guys, Pinky, swear with me. Don't leave me hanging. Pinky swear with me. I want to thank you for Pinky. Pinky swear with me, that you're going to implement while we're talking. So in the next 3045 minutes, once you grab your pieces of paper, we're going to literally do this together. And by the time this session is over, you're going to have content you can instantly implement instantly use, grow your audience, grow your message, grow your content, get engagement, get that result. Okay. So because we're doing it with me today, the audience message, content, types it with engagement, get your purpose, audience message content engagement purpose. What are the results? When you have the right audience? The results are, I just reached a million people in under two hours. Now, some of you are thinking, Well, wait a second. So she's talking about a mom's fidget spinner. She's talking about fidget spinner. It's a wine thing. So that's one fidget spinner. She sold products with it. She started by selling a affiliate link. And then she began putting it on T shirts. And then she began selling mom courses and programs. If she can do this, every single one of you can do this. And this happened with Vinny, he had 1000 2000 Excuse me, 2000 just over 2000 people who were fans of his Facebook page. So he has 2000 fans. That's kind of a tiny page. How many of you guys think oh, he's got a big audience. Vinnie is huge. No, Vinnie had 2000 people on his Facebook page. When you think there's 200 million people in the whole United States that are active on Facebook. It's a pretty teeny, tiny audience. But it tells you it's possible. One half of his audience shared his post. And it didn't just happen once he's had them share 34567 of his posts, like that single post no ads. So if that can happen for him, it can happen for you. It happens when you have that perfect person. So here guys, I live to draw it out. Sometimes I'm like obsessive doodler. So you can see here how we would Doodle it out, you've got the person on the bottom here, we've got the person on the bottom. And they're interacting with the world. It's your perfect person. So the person you desperately want to reach. If you reach the perfect person, that person is going to know three other people that are also your perfect people. Okay. They're gonna know three other people. And guess what those three other people each know other people that are your perfect people. And before you know it, your content now is going out to the masses. You're able to reach more and more and more and more people. Because when one person comments on a post, their friends and their family see it. When one person likes a post, their friends and their family may see it. When one person shares the post into a Facebook group. Their friends in that group will see it when they private message someone well, that person who got that private message is going to see it. This is what happens. And it happens when you're able to reach that perfect person. You just need a couple of your perfect people in order to have a massive, massive viral effect that happens Vinnie was able to reach literally, I think it was like 44,000 people with a single post at guys. His post his audience is barrel racers. So it's girls in the Midwest to take their horses and they go to these races and they ride around barrels with their horses and see how fast they can go. Um, how many people in the United States do you think do that all the time? So do you think probably maybe maybe 100,000 Girls are barrel racing in the United States. He reached half of them with his content with single piece of content multiple times. So that happened because he got the most active barrel racers who knew all the other barrel racers and before you know it went to the world. - Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you truly enjoyed it. I'm Alessio Pieroni and I'm the founder of Scale for Impact. And obviously of Scale with Alessio. In this channel, you can find some of the most amazing marketing content, the content that will help your online education business to grow to the next level. And if you want to see other videos like this one, please please, please, please, please subscribe to this channel, it means really work for us. And please also comment below and tell us how you found this video was truly, truly important. If on the other side, you want to go to the next level. And you actually want to make sure that you can watch the entire talks from the scale series, you want to see over 50 speakers, people that have been changing the entire marketing landscape and see exactly how these can take your business to the next level. Please subscribe to this scale series for just $99 you're going to get the chance to see some of the most amazing speakers and on top of that, get a lot of other bonuses you're gonna have three amazing books completely for free inside that 10s of hours of other marketing training. All of it for just $99 Literally, they just do dollar per talk. And we're not talking about random speakers. We're talking about people like Jr Brown. People like Alex cartoni visual accounting, Jeff Walker, Perry Marshall, Rich Schefren, Mollie Pittman, Mary's meet incredible people that changed the entire marketing landscape and are now at your fingertips for just $2 each, so don't wait anymore. It's time for you to get the skills here is see you there and upgrade your marketing knowledge

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