Hey, I'm Alessio

I'm an entrepreneur, a marketer, a husband. But most of all I'm a dreamer who truly believes that education is broken and should be changed.

I work on it every day by creating together with my team incredible funnels that help the best experts in the world to spread their message and their impact even further.

I do that by enhancing their brand, capturing their message and spreading it to the world thanks to over 7 years of experience in the industry.

Alessio Pieroni

Here is

My Story

2010: Beginnings

I'm a small town boy from Italy studying economics in university nearby my hometown. I don't speak any english and I want to change that. That's when I decided to spend my summer volunteering in India helping kids learn more about other cultures.
This experience totally changed the way I approached the world and what's my role in it. It was also the first time I worked in the education industry.


2010-13: Leading Youth Organisation

Impacted by the Indian experience I decided to commit my next few years to help as many people as possible experience what I experienced. I start taking leadership roles in the organisation who sent me there, Aiesec, and in a couple of years I become the Italian president of the organisation, leading 20 local chapters and over a 1000 volunteers. In few years we impacted over 20 thousands high schoolers in the country with educational projects.

2013- 15: Apple, my golden prison

After finishing the volunteering experience, I drop out of my master and start my career. I spend the first year in India being a journalist and then I get a call from the company of my dream: Apple. 
I move to London to work there as a recruiter, but soon I realise that world isn't for me. Corporate life and politics make me feel miserable and I absolutely hated the role I was having there. So I decided to  live what was supposed to be the job of my dreams and start back from scratch. Once again.

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2016-18: Joining Mindvalley

I go back to the other side of the world to join Mindvalley as a junior project manager. I get paid one fifth of what I was paid in London and I have no experience in marketing. But it doesn't matter. I love the environment and the company's mission. I fall madly in love with marketing and with Alsu, my now wife. I spend most of my days geeking out and learning anything I can about funnels, advertising and marketing. It's a hustle, but it starts to pay off. I start bringing results and  getting promotions after promotions. 

2018-20: Mindvalley's CMO

In 2018 my ideas are helping Mindvalley scale like never before and this bring me to become the Chief Marketing Officer of the company at 29 years old. In this experience I lead a team of 50 people, help the company scale from 25M to 75m/year. We internationalise courses in 7 different languages, become a Facebook and Google case study, create and launch Mindvalley Membership. It's one of the best experiences of my life.


2020: Going Solo

In January 2020 I decided to leave the company and start consulting businesses in the online education space. When I leave the company it's March 2020 and the world is a different place. It was definitely scary to start a business in that environment. Luckily, online education boomed during the pandemic and more and more businesses wanted my help. But I was alone and I couldn't serve all of them. That's when I decided to take one step forward. 

2021-22: Scale For Impact

In just a couple of years the agency is one of the most recognised brand in the online education space. We work with clients like Mindvalley, Foundr, Jordan Peterson, Marisa Peer, Danette May, Terry Real, Roger Hamilton, Scott's Bass Lessons, Alex Howard, Soma Breath, School of Bots and many more. We became the one stop agency to get your funnels done. From copy to design, from video to advertising, we can do it all.


I Believe Education Is Broken,
But I Also Believe It's Our Responsibility To Fix It

We all know that school doesn't teach what matters

There are millions of experts out there that can complement tradition education with their knowledge

We need to strive for a more conscious and ethical online education

Thousands of creators are already making an impact in the world AND making money at the same time

Online Education is a growing market set to reach $10 Trillion sales by 2030

You can do it too. All it takes is...

  • ​Commitment
  • ​Passion
  • ​Willingness to learn
  • ​The right guide

Ready to change education together?

Explore how me and my team can help you take your courses to the next level and scaling your impact. 

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